Harvest Club


The Harvest Club Giving Tree


Since 2009 The Harvest Club has been providing much needed support to Bishop Molloy Passionist Retreat House.

The Harvest Club has three major components, which are intermingled with each other:

       1. The Harvest Gala - a fundraising Dinner at which Bishop Molloy retreat House honors persons who have a close connection to BMRH and who have made significant donations to the Retreat House and/or the surrounding community through their presence, the involvement and their generosity

       2. The Giving Tree - a donor's tree erected in the retreat House dining room on which donor's gifts to BMRH are recognized through inscriptions on bronze, silver, and gold leaves, as well as on paving stones, mini-trees, and potentially other emblems.

       3. The monthly Donors - BMRH supporters who make regular monthly/quarterly etc. donations through authorized credit card transactions or regular checks.

All donors (and/or their intentions) are recorded in a large book on display in the sanctuary of the 2nd floor Chapel.

Thank you for your interest in this approach to supporting Bishop Molloy Retreat House.    


Fr. John M. Lee, C.P.

Retreat House Director


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